Coming out of the Dark

Characters for:
"Coming Out of the Dark"
Multimedia Stage Production/Film
Audition slots will be given for May 15th and 16th, 2015
in Uniontown, PA.
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Available Stipend Roles
1) Mercy Parada:
White, mid 20s, misplaced Mother, dark hair, tattoos (may be temporary), goth-like, must be able to sing in high-keys. For example:
Evanescence, Madonna, and Gloria Estefan type songs; some dance, and one short ballet part. Speaking role.
2) Eric Parada:
"Mercy's husband":
White, must pass for mid 20s early 30s, gang member, will sing Metallica and Limp Bizkit type songs. Speaking role. Anger/implied violence.
3) Abaddon:
"Demon" :
White, male, adult. Must be able to sing.
4) Faith:
"Mercy's daughter":
White, must pass for age 5-6, dark hair has to be able to recite 3-6 lines.
5) Michael:
"Arc Angel":
White, tall/muscular build; must pass for mid 20s to mid 30s ; commanding yet friendly voice; speaking role.
6) Marley Muldoon:
Bi-racial female must pass for young 20s, speaking role has to be able to sing/belt a song out. (High Range) (Sisters encouraged to audition)
7) Desiree Muldoon:
"Marley's older sister", must pass for mid 20s, rapping and singing part. (Sisters encouraged to audition)
8) Young Marley Muldoon:
Biracial girl, must pass for young teens, speaking role.
(Sisters encouraged to audition)
9) Midnight, Marley's husband:
Handsome/suave, black male, must pass for mid 20s early 30s, can rap and sing, can act mad/implied violence.
10) Curtis Houston:
Young black male, must pass for early/mid 20s, Acting/singing roll
(Brothers encouraged to audition )
11) Young Curtis Houston:
Black male, must pass for young teen ; Acting/singing role.
(Brothers encouraged to
12) Jane, Marley's Mother:
Heroine addict, promiscuous, white, dirty blonde
13) Sunny Lee:
Asian or Middle Eastern, young 20's, singing and speaking role
14) Jian Lee:
Sonny's husband, Asian or Middle Eastern, mid 20s, singing and speaking
15) Luka Lee:
Sonny and Jian's son, Asian or Middle Eastern, 12 years old and under,
singing part.
Family members encouraged to audition for young and
old of same roles and brothers and sisters.
There will be short roles and extras also needed

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